Chili Beach

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Chili Beach Cape York

Cape York Camping

Chili beach is a coastal campground on the eastern edge of Cape York. It’s a windy place, and the best campsites offer some shelter from the relentless wind. Chili beach is a great place for a walk; you can find nautilus and other special shells on the high tide mark, and if you head south along the beach you’ll come across a very cool tree with a rope swing that the kids will love.

Getting there

The road from the PDR to Iron Range has been upgraded recently and is now a pretty easy 4×4 road. That doesn't mean that a caravan can get in there as there are still washouts and narrow sections.
From the ranger station turnoff to Chili Beach remains pretty rough and is slippery when it rains


  • There are 25 numbered sites which are very popular during peak periods.
  • Plan your visit and obtain a permit in advance.
  • No mobile coverage
  • Best fishing is along the beach at the creek mouth but beware of the salty that lives in the mangroves and creek
  • The camping area can be reached by four-wheel-drive vehicles only.
  • Bring adequate food and drinking water, equipment for treating water, rubbish bags, insect repellent, screened tents or mosquito nets, a fuel stove and adequate fuel and spare parts for your vehicle